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Pricing Breakdown

All of our prices vary off a few Important factors :

1. The Condition of Surface being Cleaned 2. The Volume of Surfaces that need cleaned 3. Accessibility of The Surface

Roof & Gutter 
Window & Solar panel 
Pressure wash &
Soft Wash


Roof cleanings range from $299 to $1500

Exterior window cleanings range from $5-$20 per window however The average is $10 per window 

Depending on the surface our pressure washing & soft washing service cost about .20 -.35 cents per sq/ft 

Our standard roof wash for a 2,500 sq/ft home cost around $525 

Interior's are half the cost  of the  exterior's

First time cleanings we recommend our soft wash service but for yearly reoccurrences  our moss prevention/powder treatment service is a lower cost option

We offer gutter cleaning at little to no cost as an add-on to roof cleaning

Screen cleanings are $4 per screen

Deep cleanings are $5 per window which consist of detailing of the tracks & sills 

For surfaces over 10,000 sq/ft price per sq/ft foot ranges between .10 - .15 cents 

All window cleanings are finished with complimentary wipe downs of tracks & screens

Solar panels cost between $10- $25  to be cleaned

Gutter cleaning separately ranges from $200-$500 

between .50 cents to $2 per linear foot

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